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Anime Rubber Straps, Acrylic Charms, Standees & More

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What You Want

Here at HachiSales the most important thing is getting what YOU want. Popular characters? Event exclusives? Old releases? If factory extra version of these goods are available, I'll source them for you - all at reasonable prices.

Freedom to Choose

No more buying a full rubber strap set for the one character you’re after! With HachiSales, you can choose exactly what you want at a fair price.

No Fakes

Factory extras are excess goods produced by official manufacturers. Not bootlegs! Read our guide for more info.

Trusted Seller

Check out the reviews and merch photos shared by our happy customers from around the world!

Worldwide Shipping

Goods are shipped from UK by airmail. Our basic rate covers up to 8 standard size rubber straps.

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What's Happening?

Group Order

September 2023

Due to a change in circumstance, we haven’t hosted any Group Order in 2023. 

Currently, we are only selling items from the Buy Now section, which are spare goods from our previous Group Orders. If you wish to pick up some goods to treat yourself or your friends, all Buy Now Items are ready for immediate shipping. 

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September 2023

Although Group Orders are on pause, Buy Now Items in the Shop are still ready for immediate shipping.