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HachiSales can only continue
thanks to your word of mouth 🙏✨

Behind HachiSales there is… just me! Hachi!

A Haikyuu fan who discovered factory extra merch, and ended up organising Group Orders for fellow collectors across the world.

It’s a tumblr hobby which turned into a bigger responsibility over time. Who knew I’d be managing a website and learning how to set up a web store??

But really, behind this shiny website, there is just me (plus a couple of friends and family helping out on the Asia side).

HachiSales is still here purely because of the lovely repeated customers and their word of mouth!

When they tell their friends about this place or share pics of their goods on social media, new people discover HachiSales. Some brave souls dare to give it a try, and voila~ We have enough people for another Group Order. ❤

Don’t underestimate
the power of your review! 🥰🔥

If you took part in a HachiSales Group Order or bought goods and had a good experience. Please leave a review! (Or give us a shout-out on social media @hachisales)

If you are happy with the goods you received, share some pics online*! I’ll add them to the Customer Gallery.

*If you don’t post on social media, you’re welcome to email your pics to me 📧😉


New to HachiSales? See what our customers have to say about our products and service!


Can factory extra merch be good quality? Let my customers show you!


If you took part in a Group Order or bought goods, how was your experience? Let me and the others know 🙂